About Us

Innovative software for child welfare
About Us

We are Stabilify

bringing innovation to child welfare

Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated professionals whose primary goal is to deliver innovative technology solutions that empower child welfare organizations to achieve better outcomes for foster children and those who care for them.

At our core, we are led by a unique blend of technology and child welfare thought leaders with an extensive track record of success. Previously, our team managed an organization charged with overseeing the child welfare services across two counties with a total child population exceeding 550,000. While serving this community, the team succeeded in reducing

  • the number of foster children in their organization’s care by more than 20%
  • the average amount of time a foster child remained in care by more than three months
  • the number of children in care deemed missing by a significant 32%

And our team did all this while converting an inherited $10.6 million deficit into a surplus of over $6 million in less than 2 years. Now, we are drawing on their experience and unique capabilities to revolutionize foster care systems around the world.

Innovative software for child welfare

What Do We Do?

We use technological innovations in data collection and analysis to provide our clients with real-time answers to what is working, what is not working, and why.

By proactively monitoring the pulse of our clients’ data through timely and actionable intelligence, we deliver solutions to improve foster children’s lives, improve on the success rate of initial child placements, improve efficiencies, solve problems, and improve outcomesall in measurable ways.

But we provide more than just the technology. We assist in implementing our solutions, in training our clients’ employees, and with related regulatory compliance issues. Our team of dedicated experts will also work together with both public and private sector clients, whether in the U.S. or abroad, to design and develop innovative systems of foster care from the ground up.

Why Do We Do It?

Despite spending more than $20 billion each year funding child welfare services, the U.S. as a whole has seen little, if any, improvement in outcomes for those children in foster care.

Over 25% of our foster children are never reunited with their families or adopted, leaving them to fend for themselves as adults upon exiting the foster care system. Worse yet, many become a part of our criminal justice system or our homeless population. The situation is the same or even more acute in other countries. These outcomes are unacceptable, and we are committed to changing them. Our team provides our clients with the solutions to do so.

Innovative software for child welfare

How Are We Better?

Our solutions provide more holistic, timely, insightful, accurate, and predictive intelligence than any product in the industry.

Advantages that our solutions provide to our clients include

  • the ability to harness the power of a more complete, accurate 360° view of each child
  • proficiency in making more precise and proactive decisions with unmatched confidence and consistency
  • the capacity to place each child with the most suitable caregiver the first time
  • the power to give caregivers an active, real-time voice in the system, along with the information they need to be well informed about the children they care for
  • the necessary foresight to effectively recruit, nurture, support, retain and advocate for quality caregivers

By providing these dynamic, data-driven, measurable solutions, we empower our clients to achieve better outcomes, which every community demands and every child in care deserves.

We are Stabilify™ – bringing innovation to child welfare.

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